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The Youth SAND (Science and Non-Duality) Conference -2020

I just finished up a gorgeous presentation for the Youth Science and Non-Duality conference with two of my favorite human beings in the world – Orlando Villaraga, and Dr. Dan Siegel. The topic of the conversation was “Beauty and Opportunity” – framing what those terms and concepts mean to us as we navigate the spiraling […]

Mindful Tips For Coping With Impatience During COVID-19

In my personal mindfulness practice, I often find the sensation of impatience arising in my mind and body. This was certainly truly before COVID-19, and it is perhaps more true now than ever. What with so much of our “to-do’s” being forcibly taken away – having to work from home if we are fortunate (and […]

The Science of Social Justice

Here at MindHeart, well-being and social justice are one and the same – one cannot exist without the other! We cannot effectively work towards social justice in our communities without taking care of our hearts, minds, and bodies, and vice versa. We are inspired by the idea that the mind and the heart are one […]

Community Partner: Aura of Healing Vybes

Dear ones, As you may know, part of the mission of MindHeart Collective is to share the stories of empowered WOC who are advancing the field of wellness + social justice in their own gifted and magical ways. When WOC healers and practitioners offer their skills and services to communities of color, that IS the […]

Life Is the Medicine Bowl: A Reflection on Metta

When I originally heard the word “metta”, I was attending my very first ten-day meditation retreat at Spirit Rock, an Insight meditation center in the gorgeous hills of Woodacre, California, a few years ago.   If you will, imagine a scene where the lyrics to Sting’s song “Fields of Gold” veritably springs to life amidst […]